Just a short time ago I hung out the OPEN flags to begin my final week of the season.  I can’t believe I’ve just about got my first six months in the books!  Thank you to all my friends, neighbors and customers who have taken the time to stop in, not only to shop, but to share their needs, opinions and recommendations.  I have learned so much during this time.  It still amazes me that, no matter how long or hard you’ve studied herbs and essential oils, there’s still so much more to know!  It has been so great having like-minded people sharing knowledge and ideas.  Being able to assist those who have never used herbs or essential oils is especially fulfilling.  I’ve learned of wonderful area artisans and businesses that line up nicely with what I do and can be local sources of ingredients I don’t or can’t produce myself.  Becoming part of a community of people, who create things from our natural world, having them support me and supporting them in return, has enhanced my life immensely.  So thank you everyone!  And to those of you who haven’t stopped by yet, but are interested in natural health and chem-free products, I hope I will meet you soon!

Friday, December 21st, will be my last regular-hour shop day.  I will be closed through January 2nd.  For the remainder of January and February, hours will be by appointment/chance only.  (If the OPEN flag is out on the porch, it means I’m in the shop – feel free to pop in!)  I will continue that way through March, with expectations to return to regular hours the end of March or beginning of April.  (Depending on weather.)  I will continue to post updates and new product on the website and Facebook and take orders online or over the phone.  Please don’t hesitate to call or message me if you are looking for something or want to visit the shop.  I’ll still be here working!

This week, remaining HANDCRAFTED items (excluding soap) will be 15% off.  This includes creams, salves, sprays, roll-ons and tinctures.  I’ll be working January and February to refill those shelves with fresh, new product!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for the friendship and support during 2018!  It is greatly appreciated.  God bless!    ~~Karen

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Soap Nuts

I tried something new this past week:  Soap Nuts.  Soap Nuts can be used as an alternative to laundry detergent.   They are very gentle and would be especially helpful to those with detergent sensitivities or allergies.  They contain saponin, a natural detergent.

I have to admit, I was kind of skeptical, but they look really cool, so I had to check it out.

I filled a cotton muslin bag about half full and tossed it under the running water as the washer filled, then added the clothes.


I was a little disappointed there were no suds, but in looking closer, I saw what I expect is the released saponins floating on top of the water.  They were well dispersed.

I know it’s hard to see, but look close, and you’ll notice soap-like bits floating on the water.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the load of clothes came out.  I still wasn’t convinced though, so I decided to give it the ultimate test:  WHITES.  The test was made harder since our poodle, Jake, had conveniently thrown up on the white cotton blanket on the bed.  (Thanks, Jake.)  The soap nuts not only cleaned the whites well, it removed the stain on the blanket!

I did four loads of clothes with that one bag of Soap Nuts and all looked just as clean as if I’d used detergent.  (Apparently, you can keep re-using them until they get mushy.)  Frankly, I’m pretty impressed.  Especially since these cute little soap nuts are far cheaper than that heavy bottle of detergent!

Available at Cottonboro Farm for $2.25/oz.         Cotton Muslin Bags .75/ea.

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“Mystery Soup”

This is the time of year when soup makes a huge come-back for us.  (Even though I love it year round.)  Soup is not only a wonderful way to warm body and soul, it’s your way of using up leftovers and those things whose time is quickly coming to a close.  Mike likes to call them “mystery soups”.  You would not believe how tasty these concoctions can be!

This is the first year Mike has grown leeks in our garden.  While he’s going to attempt leaving some to winter over, he harvested several bucketfuls.  I dehydrated many.  They dehydrate quite well, and I will see how those work out later in the winter.  For now, I’d decided I was going to make potato-leek soup.  Then as I got to looking around, I had some leftover roasted red peppers I’d taken out of the freezer (from last years garden), as well as frozen kale from last year.  Hmm.  I have several things in the freezer that are nearing their expiration date, and I really hate to let food go to waste!

I browned up some sweet sausage (also from the freezer) with the fresh leeks and some garlic (from my sister’s garden, that she generously shared).  Added the potatoes and peppers, covered with bone broth and simmered most of the afternoon.  Then, in the evening, I tossed in the kale and thickened it up with with some cream left over from earlier in the week.  YUM!!!  A little toasted garlic bread to dunk in it, and it was a soup made in heaven!  Sort of a potato & leek/zuppa toscana combo.  It really was good.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with soups and leftovers.  One of the best vegetable soups I ever made was  when I (with serious reservation) tossed in some leftover baked macaroni and cheese.  That mac and cheese gave the soup an incredibly rich flavor.  (No extra calories though!)  See what you have and give it a shot.  You just might be surprised!

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Tea Party & Facials – Ladies’ Night!

Preparing for some fun and facials!  Looking forward to sharing my products and some good company tomorrow!  I certainly am due for a good facial.

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Marshmallow Baby Powder

NEW OFFERING!  Marshmallow may help to sooth irritated and inflamed skin, moisturizing while still keeping the skin soft and dry.


Made with Marshmallow Root Powder, Arrowroot Powder, Corn Starch & Lavender Oil


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Coffee Kitchen Soap

Now available!  Helps to remove odors, like garlic and onion, from your hands/skin.

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“Elder-Cherry” Syrup

Nice fresh batch of “Elder-Cherry” (Elderberry & Wild Cherry) Syrup, while it lasts.  Also contains fresh ginger, cloves, cinnamon and local raw honey.  Yummy way to kick that cold or flu – or prevent it!

$18 for a 10 oz. swing-top bottle.


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