Shop Re-opening

I am planning on opening the shop a little later than usual this year. My daughter will be having surgery the beginning of June, and I’ll be needed to help with the grandkids, so I’ve decided to hold off on starting my regular schedule of Thurs-Sat, 10-3. In the meantime, I may do a few Saturdays. If so, I will post on the Facebook Page, and the flag will be out.

Products are still available at Treasure Trove on Meadow Street and Colleen’s Hair Salon. I’m currently working on stocking up old favorites, having a good array of new things for you to try, and making a few changes to the shop, so the extra time will be helpful! As always, contact me if there is something you need.

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1 Response to Shop Re-opening

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Do you sell teasel root tinctures or extract preferably alcohol free?Do you also sell fire cider?If so how can I order these products from you?


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