Sadie would like to introduce our pet products!

Our current line of flea and tick repellent is for use on DOGS. (Please DO NOT USE essential oil blends and products on your CATS.)

Essential Oil Blends – Made with high quality, mostly organic, pure essential oils. Apply a few drops to the coat as specified or to the collar or a bandana. (Synthetic collar fibers may break down. Best to use on natural fiber collars, like cotton.) Avoid getting into mucus membranes. When using both tick and flea oils, alternate applications (for instance apply one in morning and one in late afternoon). Always watch your pet for any sign of sensitivity to the oils. Use less on smaller pets than on larger pets.

NEVER use essential oils on cats as they are very sensitive and do not metabolize the oils in the same way. Hydrosols are a safer option for cats, and I hope to have some products for cats in the near future.

Tick Repellent – A blend of Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Geranium, Thyme & Eucalyptus essential oils in a base of Sweet Almond Oil.

Flea Repellent – This blend contains Clary Sage, Citronella, Peppermint & Lemon essential oils in a base of Sweet Almond Oil.

$10.00 for a 10 ml bottle with reducer cap

$18.00 for both in decorative bag.

Tick & Flea Repellent Spray – Cedarwood, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lavender, Manuka, Geranium & Patchouli essential oils, Neem Oil blended into water with colloidal silver. This may be a better option for dogs who are more sensitive to the oils as it can be spritzed on the pet, a towel or cloth or bedding areas. (Use caution, as could cause staining, and if there are cats in the home.) This is a more diluted form of a repellent to use and requires a more frequent application.

$12.00 for a 4 oz. Spray Bottle