Are you looking for a more natural lifestyle, free of ingredients that are detrimental to your health?  Would you love to learn more about healing herbs and oils that can enhance your life?  Plants are an amazing gift to us, not just for food, but for our general well-being.  Stop by the shop and see what our products can do for you!  (Most are organic.  Some I grow here.)  Consider becoming part of the Cottonboro Farm Community, where we can all support each other’s journey.

Interested in private consultations, classes or group meetings?  Contact me for more information!

  • Ladies Tea Party & Facial Night
  • Introduction to Herbs (Make your own Salve)
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy (Create a Roller Bottle Blend)
  • Holistic Book Club & Support Group
  • Herb of the Month Club

Stop by and share your needs and ideas.  I look forward to meeting you!

Karen Wentworth, Owner/Herbalist