DIY Disinfectant for Your Home

While supplies to disinfect your home run low, here is a natural DIY disinfectant you can use on home surfaces, with products you may already have or actually be able to find.

Take TWO spray bottles
In one add undiluted white vinegar
In the other add 3% hydrogen peroxide
(DO NOT combine the two ingredients.)
Mist surfaces with the vinegar first
Immediately spray same area with the peroxide
Wipe clean

I’ve been using this for several years now.

Also, remember that 70%+ rubbing alcohol you probably have. Use it cautiously so as not to damage skin or materials, but 70% or higher alcohol is said to deactivate viruses.

For helpful ideas on keeping yourself happy and healthy during this crisis, read this message from Rosemary Gladstar.

Try to appreciate and enjoy this time with your loved ones.
Stay safe and God bless.

Hat tip: Little House in the Suburbs (Caswell/Siskin)

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Positive Growth During a Crisis

These are trying times we are enduring. Did you ever think we could get to this point so quickly? However, that is exactly how a true crisis works: FAST. Panicking during an emergency situation never helps. The truth of the matter is, if you are prepared, you are able to remain calm, help yourself and help others.

One of the reasons we moved to NH, and purchased the home we did, was to enable us to be independent. We have a wood stove, a generator, we garden, can, freeze and dehydrate foods. Of course, we picked up some things we were afraid we’d run out of (ice cream!), but we felt calm and assured that we could hunker down, for the amount of time necessary, to see the madness through.

When situations like this arise, it is a good time for people to re-evaluate their lives and situation. It is a time when individuals can learn a great deal. A crisis can become an experience that brings out the best in others, creating a positive, bonding experience for many. There’s a good chance you are seeing that now. I know we saw it during 9/11.

If you are considering how to be better prepared for the future, I’d like to encourage you to consider the use of natural foods and products for the health and well-being of your family. Plants and herbs can leave your body in a better position to fight off bacteria and viruses. Elderberry is particularly effective at keeping viruses from invading your system. (More info here.) Certain herbs, such as echinacea and goldenseal are powerful healers and support the immune system. Turmeric and Ashwaganda are great inflammation fighters. Wild cherry eases a cough. Yarrow could break a fever. Plants are an amazing gift from God, and I would urge you to learn more about their healing properties.

I have a supply of many items that may help see you through this. I make elderberry syrup and “Fire Cider” (mineral-laden tonic), handcrafted soaps (“Wash your hands!”), oils and salves. I carry dried herbs that could help with a wide range of issues you may be experiencing, such as headache, stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, sore throat, cough, inflammation, etc. For those of you needing a stronger, more medicinal way to take herbs, I also make herbal tinctures, which are alcohol extracts of herbs and a more potent form of ingesting them. I have tea blends specific to fighting viruses or cold and flu.

I have not yet opened my shop for the season. At this point, I am waiting out the current situation. However, I am still here, working, and just keeping close to home. I know many of you are doing the same. If you have a need for any of these items, please contact me. I am happy to work with you to figure out what may help get you through any discomfort you may be experiencing. You can shop by appointment, or let me know what you need, and I will have it available for pick-up. I also carry salts, spices, clays, soap nuts (laundry), essential oils and diffusers, salt lamps for purification of your home, as well as simple beauty and household products. As we are encouraged to avoid crowds, shopping small and local is the way to go. Perhaps, you’ll find a more natural style of living is better for the long haul. I would love to be your partner in this endeavor! Some of my products, including elderberry syrup, are also available at Treasure Trove, 185 Meadow Street in Sanbornville, NH. (Open Friday through Tuesday, 10-4.)

We are all in this together, and will get through it together. I am always amazed by the love and support that flow from people during a crisis. Wishing you all good health, safety and God’s blessings during this time and forward. Contact me if I can help you in any way.

With love, Karen

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New Product! Grapefruit Salt Scrub

Grapefruit Salt Scrub

Great for keeping those dry, winter hands exfoliated and soft. For more info, click here and scroll down. $15 / 12 oz. or $8.00 / 5 oz. (glass jar)

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Coming this spring!

My own vanilla extract!

I also plan to sell vanilla beans if you’d like to make your own.

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Winter’s Little Helpers

Elderberry Syrup & Fire Cider +

Fresh batches now available! This will be my final batches for this winter season. First come, first serve! Click here, and scroll down to product, for more information.

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Final Days of Season

Friday will be my final day of the season. (I will still be accepting orders and opening shop “by appointment”. If the flag is out, the shop is open.) Open today (Weds.) until 6 PM, tomorrow (Thurs.) and Friday 10-4. This week only, I am offering an end-of-season clearance discount of 15% off everything in the shop. There are still plenty of soaps, creams and gift items. Stop in and do a little Christmas shopping!

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Autumn Spice Soap

It’s all ready to go & smells awesome!

This would make a lovely hostess gift for Thanksgiving.

Water; Coconut, Palm, Extra-virgin Olive & Castor Oils; Lye; Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Leaf & Clove Bud Essential Oils; French Green & Rose Kaolin Clays

$6.00 / Large (4-4.5 oz.) Bar

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