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Spent the last two days harvesting lavender. After losing it all last year, due to so much rain, I am in lavender heaven this year. Smells wonderful here in the shop!

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Back in Stock: Lavender Face Cream

Perfect for all skin types. This batch is in a smaller jar (1.5 oz.) than previously sold. For more info, see the Bath & Body Page. $15.00

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Lotions Back in Stock

Pump lotions back in stock. Current scents Rose, Lavender, Lily-of-the-Valley. These are made with my “Subtle Rose” (rose infused) formula. For more information, go to the Bath & Body Page and scroll to the Hand and Body Lotion section.

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New Product: Stick Deodorant

Currently available in Bay Rum or Lavender. I am working on cream and spray recipes as well, so look for those soon if they are your preference. $12.00 / 2.5 oz. More info here.

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