New Product: Ashwagandha Tincture/Extract

Are you familiar with Ashwagandha? It is a wonderful adaptogenic herb that may help to reduce stress, blood sugar and inflammation, boost the immune system, help adrenal fatigue, relieve depression, increase energy levels, improve concentration, and more!

Tinctures, or alcohol extracts, are a highly condensed way to take herbal supplements. A few drops under your tongue, two or three times a day, is all you need. Or if you prefer, you can put the drops in a beverage or food.

Learn more about the benefits of ashwagandha here. I also have the dried root (organic) available if simply having a cup of tea is your preference.

This is a “double marc” tincture, which means it was infused for several weeks with plant material, then strained and new plant material added to infuse for several more weeks. In other words, it is double infused & double strength.

Handcrafted (here at Cottonboro Farm) Tinctures available:

Burdock Root$10.00
Echinacea Purpurea$11.00
Hawthorn Berry$10.00
St. John’s Wort$10.00
Self Heal/Heal All$10.00
Sheep Sorrel (Whole Plant)$10.00
Teasel Root$12.00
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