DIY Disinfectant for Your Home

While supplies to disinfect your home run low, here is a natural DIY disinfectant you can use on home surfaces, with products you may already have or actually be able to find.

Take TWO spray bottles
In one add undiluted white vinegar
In the other add 3% hydrogen peroxide
(DO NOT combine the two ingredients.)
Mist surfaces with the vinegar first
Immediately spray same area with the peroxide
Wipe clean

I’ve been using this for several years now.

Also, remember that 70%+ rubbing alcohol you probably have. Use it cautiously so as not to damage skin or materials, but 70% or higher alcohol is said to deactivate viruses.

For helpful ideas on keeping yourself happy and healthy during this crisis, read this message from Rosemary Gladstar.

Try to appreciate and enjoy this time with your loved ones.
Stay safe and God bless.

Hat tip: Little House in the Suburbs (Caswell/Siskin)

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