Unexpected closure….

Unfortunately, the shop will be closed this week.  Post puppies, I have been trying really, REALLY, hard to play catch-up and get the shelves lined with some great product.  Today, I got selected to serve on a jury, so that shoots that all to you-know-where.   I hate to close during regular business hours, but since it’s just me, I have no choice.  Hopefully, you will all understand!  If anyone needs anything, shoot me a message or call, and I can meet up with you later in the day or leave your order on the porch.  My service is expected to just be Weds-Friday, but the trial could continue into next week.  If so, I will post an update.  Otherwise, Shop hours will be normal for NEXT week.  I apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone, but it can’t be helped.  Thanks for your understanding.  And I know you understand coz my customers are AWWWE-SOME!  🙂



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