The Time is Nigh!

Okay, one more day to prepare.  Opening on Wednesday, June 27th.  So want everything to be perfect, but clearly it won’t be.  The business side of things takes way more time than I expected or enjoy – but that’s life!

That said, I am so excited to finally just be opening!   I gave up on ever being “ready”!  I’ll make product depending on what my customers need and want and build from there!  Stop in and check out what I offer.  If you are looking for something different – That’s Cottonboro Farm!  I want to make my shop a special place for you, where you can explore your options, be empowered in your own health and have a local place to help with that!  Hope to see you Weds. and thereafter!

I’ll try to get some pics posted tomorrow.  It’s been raining (very much needed), and I have been straight out, trying to get ready for opening, so haven’t posted much.  So sorry for the neglect!

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