So we had a hen who decided she didn’t want to be part of the pack.  We thought she’d gotten “snagged” by a fox or something, but then she’d show up every so often.  I said, “Maybe she’s sitting on eggs”, but we could never find her.  Our son went to use the wheelbarrow. WHOA!  There she was, with a dozen eggs and off she went.  But the eggs were cold, and therefore not hatchable, so we were confused.  Then a few days later, she shows up with 11 chicks – outta the woods.


On another note, we had a broody hen we separated with 6 eggs.  Kept her in a dog kennel.  she hatched four of the eggs. (One left unhatched – don’t know what  happened to the other egg.)  Went out today, Kev helped, to move the dog kennel into the chicken yard, to “adjust” the hen and chicks to the outdoors.  found one chick, the biggest one, dead in doing so.  Ugh. Why????  No clue what happened, but kicking myself I didn’t move them out yesterday, but they seemed content and wanted other eggs to hatch.  But hen and chicks were so happy to get out today.  I’ll remember that.  Anyway – got lots of little chicks wandering around. 11 + 3 = 14.  They are soooooo cute!



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