October Specials!

Fall has arrived, winter is coming, and there’s no stopping it. This month, to help you stock up that cabinet with nature’s medicine, all tinctures will be 20% off. Tinctures are alcohol extracts of medicinal herbal properties. The alcohol makes them very shelf stable, and they will last for years. It also is a more potent form of taking herbs, as opposed to say, tea. (The amount of alcohol in each dose is comparable to that in a single banana – very minimal. For those avoiding alcohol, I will make glycerin or vinegar extracts upon request. However, keep in mind they are not as potent.) Check out what we have in stock here.

Shop will be opening tomorrow and Friday for regular business hours (10-3). However, Saturday I will be having special hours from 9 AM to Noon. Hopefully, this will be the last time for a while that I need to adjust my shop hours. I try as best as I can to keep them dependable, but as a sole proprietor, it just isn’t always possible. Your understanding is always appreciated. Remember, I am willing to accommodate your special needs as well by appointment. We’re not a normal retail herb shop, and we don’t want to be!

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