New Tincture (Mullein) & Updates to Website

We have added mullein to our stock of alcohol tinctures. The tincture/extract contains both leaf and flower.

Mullein leaf is great for upper respiratory issues and for bringing up stubborn phlegm from the lungs. Perfect for those hard, unproductive coughs that rattle the body. Mullein flower stimulates a stagnant lymphatic system.

There is now a Tincture/Extract page on the Cottonboro Farm website, under the Products/Natural Health menu. The page includes a listing of all the tinctures we carry, some of their uses and a price list.

Tinctures/extracts are not to be confused with essential oils. Tinctures are a way of taking herbs medicinally. They are a more potent way of getting the herbal healing properties into your system and can be stored for years. All my tinctures are currently alcohol tinctures. For those avoiding alcohol, I will make glycerin or vinegar extracts upon request, however keep in mind those type of extracts tend to not be as potent. Tinctures take 4-6 weeks to produce.

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