New Product! Liquid Soaps!

A variety of scents. Most $15 for 8 oz. or $10 for 4 oz. See here for more info.

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2 Responses to New Product! Liquid Soaps!

  1. walker449 says:

    Hi Karen, I like using the liquid soap as it leaves my hands smooth and not dry. The lily of the valley fragrance didn’t last long and now I only smell the Castile soap. On another note,, I could use some kale. A big bunch. Are you open Saturday? I could bring the liquid soap and see what you think. Just let me know. thanks! Carol

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  2. I’m sorry Carol. No, I did not see this. I don’t understand why I never get new notifications. So frustrating! I’m going to have to look into using something to help hold the fragrance I guess as I used a lot of fragrance in the one you took home. I’m thinking of trying using less castile and adding aloe. I could also try using some veg. glycerin as sometimes that helps set the fragrance. I’ll play around with the recipe. I’m glad you like it though. We have plenty of kale if you still need it. What I had for Sat. won’t be fresh anymore though. text me and I can pick some and have ready in the bucket for you so it will be fresh. Or we can walk out and pick it from the garden. Doesn’t have to be a day I’m open, just make sure I’ll be around or can leave it before I leave home. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner!


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