Elderberry Syrup back on the shelf.

Elderberry syrup is back in stock! I have a tough time keeping up with the demand of this one! I’ve added an elderberry kit for those who would like longer-term storage. Kit comes in a heat-sealed bag to be pulled out of the cupboard during those times when the immune system needs a boost. Just add water and you’re syrup will be ready within a few hours. Then add honey. See the Natural Health page for more information.

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4 Responses to Elderberry Syrup back on the shelf.

  1. schelley rondeau says:

    I am inters in some please


    • Sure! I’m already out of the 8 oz here at the shop, but I did leave some up at Treasure Trove. If you want the 4 oz, just let me know when you want to pick up and I’ll leave it out for you. (Don’t want it to freeze!) 🙂


  2. Suzan P Leone says:

    Karen – do you have any facial serum available/ I’ve been meaning to ask you and just keep forgetting. Thanks for your post as it reminded me to ask!


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