Last Call for Elderberry Syrup (New Batch!), but…

I have many other products to help see you through these trying times! Handcrafted soaps, Waterless Hand Cleanser (91% isopropyl alcohol), bulk herbs, salts, clays & powders, essential oils, tinctures, Himalayan salt lamps, diffusers, tea… Lots of natural health alternatives that you can find right here while shopping local! If your hands are getting dry and chapped from all the washing, be sure and try my grapefruit salt scrub! The scent is extremely uplifting as well!

Speaking of local, this batch of elderberry syrup is made exclusively with raw, local honey from Moose Mountain Farm. Normally I do a mix of raw and Grade A to keep costs down, so this batch is special and the health benefits even higher than usual. This is causing an increase of 50 cents per ounce, but I hope you’ll agree that the extra cost is well worth it. I am proud to support our local farms and businesses, and appreciate those who support me as well. This will be the final batch of elderberry syrup for now, as I have used up my elderberries and trusted suppliers are out of stock. I will have no more Fire Cider until the fall, as that is when I harvest the roots for that glorious vitamin & mineral-laden infusion!

I am hoping to open the shop up sometime in May. We’ll see what the days ahead bring us! For now, I’ll continue by appointment and accepting orders online or by phone. Orders can be picked up on the shop porch. For those high-risk folks that are in the area, I’d be happy to provide delivery. Products are also available at Treasure Trove on Meadow Street for curbside pick-up as well. (603-273-1309)

Wishing you all safe and healthy days ahead!

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4 Responses to Last Call for Elderberry Syrup (New Batch!), but…

  1. schelley rondeau says:

    I would like to get some more elderberry please.


  2. schelley rondeau says:

    I would like to get some more elderberry please. The new elderberry is fine. Just let me know when I can pick up


  3. EarthGirl says:

    Sure Shelley! Do you want the 4 oz. ($12) or the 8 oz. ($22)? Just let me know and I will leave on the porch here at Cottonboro Farm.


  4. Micheal Peyers says:

    If anyone needs fire cider, go to They make a fire cider with Black garlic and elderberry syrup


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