Final Garden Stuff

So last week was all about kale.  We ended up with triple kale because the “broccoli” we bought turned out to actually be kale.  Those plants were double the kale we’d already planted.  Ate kale all summer, sold it on the porch store and had happy chickens.  Then came the days the temps were nosediving.  What to do with all that beautiful kale?  Well, kale chips, of course, but I also learned you can freeze it up in zip locks for smoothies and cooking.  I spent two full days processing kale!  I crumbled some of the kale chips and put in a jar to add to soups or whatever else might come up.  I can’t stand for things to go to waste, but I am really happy to have kale out of my life right now!  On a side note, our cat Taz found it quite comfy!

Today was cleaning, cooking & freezing up the last of the beets and kohlrabies that have been sitting in the basement for a few weeks.  All that’s left now is one cabbage, which I’m planning to make coleslaw this weekend and freeze whatever is left.  Feeling pretty stocked up for winter.  It was an amazing garden this year!

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